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General Information

Before any athlete can participate in tryouts, practice and games, all paperwork and insurance fees are to be collected by the coach.

KHSAA Sports Physical

EOMS 23-24 Permission Forms

Papers that must be turned in are the KHSAA Physical (completed by a medical professional), the OCBE Permission to Participate, OCBE Field Trip Permission form and the OCBE Alternate Transportation form.

EOMS has invested in maintaining the athletic fields and the surrounding natural areas.  We have, what we believe, is the most beautiful school campus.  You will notice signs along the driveway that ask you not to park in the grass or on the road that runs parallel to the football/soccer fields.  Please do not park in this area.  We ask that you instead use the parking lots.  While this will allow the grass to grow, it will also ensure that the road is visible to all the students, coaches and parents accessing the athletic fields and the cross country/track teams that utilize the loop for training purposes.



Archery Jennifer McKinley - September - May


Basketball, Boys

Stephen Hall -

 October - February


Basketball, Girls

Jimmy Segar -

 August - December



Bre Missey -

 May - January


Cross Country

Misty Hodges -

 July - October


Dance Team Staci Williams - coach  July - February



Nick Stephens -

 July - October



Ashley Trippett -

 March - May


Soccer, Boys

Eric Phillips -

 February - April


Soccer, Girls

Anna Cornish -

 February - April



 Troy Fontana -

 July - October


Track and Field

 Stacey Whitlock -

 February - May



 Angela Barnes -

 July - September




 October - January



"East Oldham Middle School does not currently sponsor Baseball, Softball or Lacrosse teams."

Students competing on these teams are participating through a non-school sanctioned club sports program.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact the EOMS Athletic Director.